Fall Student Story: Tim T.


I've been in UrbanLife since I was an 8th grader. I really enjoy going to the weekly outreach program, summer leadership trips and Mission Weeks. During my freshman year I was part of UrbanLife's high school internship "The Come Up", and at the time, it was hard for me to take it seriously due to hardships around me. But because of it, I've learned a lot about my story and how to reflect and bring God into it.  I grew up in a radically embraced Buddhist home where I had to have good morals and follow all the teachings of Buddhism or Buddha would not love me at all. After four years of being a part of UrbanLife I have finally learned that God will love me no matter what I do. I don't have to follow strict guidelines to gain his love. I just always know that he will love me for who I am. 

I have learned that through anything I do God is always there to guide me with strength and guidance. I tend to have a lot of anxiety and had trouble dealing with it. After Camp this year I learned about prayer and was challenged by Romin to try to pray when I felt my anxiety.  I was surprised to feel God's warm light when I prayed and it really helped calm me down!

Life feels hard now but in my heart I know Jesus has a plan and he showed me Romans 8:18 recently and that has given me hope in the promise of future joy. I really like high school small group nights because I keep learning about a God who can help me find my real purpose. 

We did the math, and UrbanLife staff and volunteers have invested over 640 hours being with Tim, eaten over 320 meals with him and have spent many hours praying over his life. Why? All so he would know he's truly loved by God and has a community that believes in him.