Mission Week 2016

    by Romin Irani


by Romin Irani

Mission Week is one of the most important things we do here at UrbanLife. We challenge students to give up their spring breaks to be mindful of and serve others in their own neighborhood. That's a pretty big ask for a high schooler! Last week 23 students showed up to make a difference in City Heights.

We partnered with one of our initiatives San Diego Refugee Tutoring to put on a three-day camp for 29 of their English language learners, almost all have been in America for less than 3 years.

Josue who has been involved since he was in 7th grade, decided to join us this year. I remember Josue as a camper at middle school camp having trouble being kind to his roommates, having new issues daily with people...fast forward to Josue the sophomore at Mission Week, a young man whose leadership and excitement for kids was radiating.

Josue would raise his hand everyday during our debriefs about the camp and share his highlight "I can't believe how much I really enjoy doing things for these kids, I'm really looking forward to serving them again tomorrow." The whole week we taught on Philippians 2 and how our God is one who calls us to a team oriented, humble, selfless life of service to others as modeled by Jesus himself.

Josue not only heard the gospel at Mission Week, he was given a chance to LIVE the gospel out, to spend time with God and engage in his mission to change the world alongside others. Josue caught a glimpse of what a life following Jesus has the potential to look like and he was overjoyed by it more than we expected!

Thank you for all your prayers, Mission Week was a huge success... possibly our best week yet!