What would an UrbanLife summer be without life-changing adventure trips, leadership opportunities, jobs and of course...the summer hangouts! When it's hot, and you got nothing to do, we got you covered! 

Check out our line-up of summer happenings around UrbanLife, and get involved as a student or volunteer! 

UrbanLife Summer 2016 Timeline:

  • Wednesday, June 15th: CollegeLife Senior Night! 
    6pm @ Orange Avenue
    A chance for high school seniors to check out our CollegeLife community and get involved now that high school's almost over...! Contact romin@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

  • UrbanLife Table Cohort #2 Starts!
    Our second 10-week culinary cohort begins June 23rd. If you're 18 or older and interested in a paid culinary arts internship, contact josh@urbanlifesd.org for more info!

  • June 23-27 City Heights East Adventure Trip
    Crawford High schoolers, get your adventure on by heading up to Zion National Park. Contact romin@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

  • June 27-July 1 City Heights West Adventure Trip
    It's your turn Hoover High... adventure up in Zion National Park. Contact chris@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

  • June 28-July 26th (Tues/Thur 4-7:30p, Sat 8:30a-12:30p) UrbanLife Farms Farming 101
    Want a job this summer? Want to meet cool kids and plant some stuff? Apply for our Farms 101 summer farm internship. Contact amanda@urbanlifesd.org for more info. 

  • July 3rd-30th Come Up: Summer '16
    Our Student Leaders Internship, Contact kathy@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

  • July 10-Aug 12 UCAN Summer Literacy Program
    Come and boost your reading and writing skills with UCAN! Contact jose@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

  • July 5-9th CollegeLife Mexico Trip
    Come serve on our house-building trip for college students. Contact romin@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

  • July 24-29th Middle School Camp
    Our middle schoolers will head up to Forest Home for a life-changing week of camp! Contact cindy@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

  • July 31-August 6 High School Camp
    Next the High Schoolers are headed to YoungLife camp for a life-changing week of camp!

  • August 7-14 Southeast Adventure Trip
    Lincoln and Gompers... your turn for an adventure trip to Big Sur and the Bay Area! Contact amanda@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

  • August 14-18 City Heights Runners Camp
    The runners are headed to Santa Cruz for the week. Contact chris@urbanlifesd.org for more info.

On-going activities:

  • Summer Hangouts... fun spaces to meet new friends, explore who God is, and have fun. Contact romin@urbanlifesd.org (Crawford), cindy@urbanlifesd.org (Mann), chris@urbanlifesd.org (Hoover), amanda@urbanlifesd.org (Lincoln and Gompers).
  • Friday Night UrbanMic... fourth Friday of each month, going strong through the summer! Contact amanda@urbanlifesd.org for more info. 
  • City Heights Runners practice... yes, it's hot, yes, we still run! Contact chris@urbanlifesd.org for info.