Meet our new UrbanLife Farms Program Director: Marcos Mujica

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Marcos is blowing up the UL Farms social media with great pictures and student videos! Follow the UL Farms story @urbanlifefarms on Instagram and Facebook.

In September, Marcos joined the UrbanLife staff team as the new UrbanLife Farms Program Director. Help us welcome him into the UrbanLife familly!

Cultivating rich soil and growing food has radically transformed my life. Over the past 10 years, my diet has become increasingly healthier, seasonally diversified, and rich in flavor. But more fundamental to this transformation has been a shift in paradigm. Through organic farming, I have become profoundly aware of optimal environments that encourage health and growth for various organism — both human and non-human organisms.

Having pastored congregations for over 8 years prior to joining the UrbanLife team, God has called me to cultivate the social and physical environments necessary for health and growth. I’m grateful for the opportunity to direct UrbanLife’s multi-site urban farming Vocational Training and Leadership Development social enterprise, UrbanLife Farms.

The two biggest obstacle to increasing UrbanLife Farms production and youth impact is 1) the poor soil quality, and 2) the lack of streamline systems that increase effi ciency. My goal is to drastically improve the quality of the soil and the develop necessary infrastructure for increased production and youth impact. I appreciate your prayers, support, and partnership in this ordained ministry.