What does YOUR summer look like?!

2016 High School Camp 

2016 High School Camp 

Are you an UrbanLife student looking for summer stuff? We made a page just for you!

Summertime is here! As those June gloom clouds dissolve and you hit the beach... consider how important summer can be for a young person. What did you do as a young person during the summer... get your first job? Go to summer school? Get up to no good? 

A recent article by the San Diego Foundation talks about the huge need for positive summer activities, especially for underserved, low-income youth. In our neighborhoods, young people don't always have access to academic resources and development opportunities during the summer months. Another article from the New York Times outlines how hard summer is on families, and how summer is often the place where the lack of affordable child care and the achievement gap collide for many.   

For all those reasons, summer is a crucial time for us at UrbanLife! We have tons of things happening to catch as many young people as possible and engage them in positive activities that challenge them into growth and leadership. Here are just a few of the things we have going on this summer:

We're partnering up with Inner-City Young Life to try and send 100 middle and high schoolers to camp this June. Young Life camp is a wild and outrageous week, where students often hear and accept the gospel for the first time, and make some fantastic friends, usually under the muddiest or messiest of circumstances. Camp is life-changing! 
High School camp: June 17-22, Middle School camp: June 27-July 1

Getting a job is usually an important part of summer for a young person, not only for the cash, but also for the experience, for the discipline, and for the ways it can shape their education and career goals. Giving youth access to employment opportunities is good for our communities as well.  Research  points to widespread youth employment impacting overall societal health and success.  

UrbanLife offers youth first time job experience through UrbanLife Farms, City Heights Runners coaching opportunities, and is excited to have a much wider training and employment context in our new UrbanLife Cafe at the Copley-Price YMCA!
Farming 101: July 1-29, City Heights Runners Coaches: June 12-July 15

To help close the gap, UrbanLife offers a few creative programs to keep students minds engaged. We are continuing our Literacy program for high schoolers, helping to improve english fluency and comprehension for our student runners, many who are resettled refugees. UrbanLife Robotix will run for the second summer in a row, offering STEM opportunities for middle schoolers through designing, building and programming. 
UCAN Literacy Program: June 20-Aug 3; UrbanLife Robotix: July 31-Aug 4

We are actively growing leaders throughout all our programs, but this summer there are two special opportunities for students to grow as leaders in their faith and through action. We will launch our new discipleship series, KingdomLife on July 5th. Every Wednesday, youth will gather to eat and discuss the basic of Christian life together. We hope each student that went to camp, and more, will join us to learn and grow. 

As a LiveWell San Diego partner, UrbanLife is thrilled to host a youth-focused Resident Leadership Academy in the Farming 101 program, through a grant from the City of San Diego. The Resident Leadership Academy provides the opportunity for young people to build leadership capacity and create positive changes in their neighborhoods. We're so excited to watch these young leader grow! 
KingdomLife: July 5-Aug 2, Resident Leadership Academy: July 1-29


City Heights Runners has new programs at Mann, Clark and Wilson, and will have 6 high school runners who will developing their leadership skills as junior coaches in our summer internship. We already had 50 middle school students show up for the first practice!
City Heights Runners Middle School Program, June 5-July 15

Stay tuned for more ways to get involved!