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UrbanLife Central youth gathering... every Monday night

UrbanLife Central youth gathering... every Monday night

From the UrbanLife Youth Development Team

“No, guy is gonna....” said a female 10th grader.

“I am going to wait until marriage too” replied another 11th grader. 

These were a few things overhead at our youth group on Monday nights (now called UrbanLife Central). UL Central is a safe space for youth involved across all of UrbanLife... the Farms, Cafe, Runners... to come hear the gospel and develop healthy friendships in a safe and supportive environment.   

This week, we tackled the heavy (but relevant!) subjects of love, sex, and relationships! We took students on a journey in their small groups through a 3-part listen-then-respond teaching on relationships, love and sex. We introduced the night by questioning why do we desire relationships so badly, which led to how God created us for relationships.  We are created to know and to be known.  Yet we reminded students how we, as a culture have perverted his original vision.

For the second session, students analyzed two high school relationship stories, the first story was about a non-committed sexual relationship versus the second story of a non-sexual committed relationship.   In one of the high school relationship stories the "guy" had asked his potential girlfriend what were her expectations in relationships.  For more than one of our young men that was a foreign concept!  They wanted to learn how to implement communicating expectations into their lives and relationships.  Students discovered God's view of love is through the lens of lifelong commitment.  

In the final session, many of our unchurched students read 1 Corinthians 13 for the first time!  We invited students into a relationship with a God who loves them and is committed to them, with a lifelong, patient, kind, no keeping records of wrong love!  When his love is known and experienced, it is the only way we can love others- with that same kind of love.  There was a unique spirit of attentiveness in the room that night, with a highly engaged audience.

God’s spirit revealed his truth in love.  For a group of young freshman girls, it was the first time they heard they didn't have to have sex to be in a relationship.  Overall, we are thankful that our students trust us enough to listen, respect and engage in understanding a biblical way of thinking about sex and relationships.