New Life this Spring: Mission Week and Baptisms


Mission Week is like an UrbanLife highlight role… student leaders making a difference in their own neighborhood while learning about the transforming love of Jesus. And don’t forget the fun… because our crew works hard and plays hard! This powerful week isn’t possible without generous donors, committed volunteers, and our dedicated Youth Development staff team making it all work.

Students involved in Mission Week give their Spring Break to provide an educational day camp to elementary students that are part of San Diego Refugee Tutoring. This year we had volunteers and UrbanLife donors teach about dental hygiene, run conversational english learning classes, and help young students learn on our City Heights farm. We took field trips to the Ocean Discovery Institute and the beach, helping our students experience more of San Diego.

In the evenings, high school students learned about what it means to be ALL IN… for others, for their neighborhood, and for God. Their were more than a few tears the evening students discussed the message that God is ALL IN for us, no matter what.

Think about the rippling impact this week has in our neighborhood:

  • Almost 40 elementary students participated in a free, educational day camp… instead of staying cooped up inside for their Spring Break, relieving some of the pressure on working parents.

  • 20 high school students, some brand new to UrbanLife, exercised their leadership skills by running the camp… offering a safe and educational experience for their younger neighbors.

  • These high schoolers experienced the Gospel this week… learning God’s ALL IN love is for them and for their ‘hood.


From the response time at Mission Week, 7 students recommitted to Jesus and 4 students are allowing Jesus to be part of their life for the first time. Many of the new students that attended Mission Week are now coming to our weekly youth gathering, Central. 

The Sunday after Mission Week (Easter Sunday), 6 of the high schoolers decided to get baptized and committed to the ALL IN life of following Jesus. It was an amazing service with beautiful testimonies from the students about why they were choosing this new life.    

Here are some student quotes from Mission Week: 

“I found out who I want to be and how I want to live my life.” (sophomore) 

“I’ve never been so happy serving others.  All the people at Mission Week made me feel important.  I also felt that all the talking about God made me do some thinking and make changes in my life that is bringing me happiness again.” (sophomore refugee student who has lived in US for just 3 years)

“Life changing, fueled my interest in learning about God. I learned about how Jesus died for our mistakes and He’s all in for us so that we don’t have the pressure of making any mistakes.” -(junior)