Saying Goodbye to Romin


It's hard to believe this time has come, but long-time UrbanLife staff Romin Irani is transitioning to a new season of life and ministry. We will miss Romin's gift of deep relationships, sincere care for all those he meets, his hilarious sense of humor... and so many other things! Help us celebrate Romin's ministry and impact in the lives of City Heights young people. 

10 years ago, Michelle Adams asked me to come check out something new she was getting involved in. She asked me to come help BBQ burgers and see this urban youth group that her and Jake were starting up. I was 22, starting my last year of college, still relativity new to my faith and I LOVED IT. I kept coming back week by week, getting to know students, engaging God and having my faith challenged in new ways. When I graduated, God made it very clear being a full time staff who loved students was what he called me to do. I have been doing so ever since and have grown so much as a person.

For over a year I've been in a discernment process of what the next season of my life is going to look like. For the last 7 years I've been working with the same class of students, their seniors now and 2 months away from graduating. What am I gonna do when they graduate? Go back and start another class? Stay as high school director? Move on with them and create another UrbanLife program? All these questions ran through my head, but now  I was processing them through the lens of a Husband and Father. UrbanLife graciously let me see a spiritual director over the last year to help guide me in this decision process. I've learned a lot about myself; the ways I operate with people, spaces I thrive in, how my childhood affects my relationships, my preferred ministry style and more.  

In seeking God, processing with Naomi, good friends, mentors, long time youth-workers and co-workers I have decided that will be my last season on staff with UrbanLife. The hard part of this call is that God hasn't yet called me to anything else and I still feel called to youth. However, I do feel God is calling me into a season of getting healthy (on all levels) and serving my family as we have some big questions to answer about our future. We still will be in City Heights and be a part of our UrbanLife Missional Community, continuing to foster the lifelong friendships we've created. I'm super thankful for how serving people at UrbanLife has forever changed my life and for how gracious and caring our staff has been towards me in this discernment season. For now, the plan is that I'm going to take summer sabbatical to pursue God in what's next for our family.