UrbanLife Summer 2015

Check out what's going on at UrbanLife for the summer:

Youth Activities:

  • Tahoe Trip (FULL!) June 18-22
    Contact Romin for more info. 
  • UrbanMic Night June 26 @ 7pm  (Southeast Community Church, 210 S. Euclid 92114)
    Contact Amanda for more info.
  • The Ground-Up Internship July 1-25
    Contact Sarah or Amanda for more info. 
  • High School & College Mexico Trip July 5-10
    Contact Romin for more info. 
  • Middle School Camp July 17-24
    Contact Cindy for more info.
  • UL Farm Supervisor Training August 4-29
    Contact BJ for more info. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Host a meal for the Ground Up Internship crew. Contact Amanda for more details. 
  • Join a high school or middle school summer hang out and develop relationships that could last into the school year. Contact Romin (Middle School or Crawford High) or Chris (Hoover High) for more info. 
  • Volunteer at one of the UrbanLife Farms sites. Bring just yourself, or a group. Contact BJ for more info.

There are lots of ways to get involved at UrbanLife... for the summer and beyond! Fill out our volunteer form and get started!



2015 UrbanLife Celebration Banquet

We held our 5th Annual Celebration Banquet this Sunday at La Jolla Presbyterian Church, and it was a huge success! With overflowing tables, student serves, a food truck and some spectacular live music, the evening was a lively celebration of UrbanLife Ministries. 

We debuted our new promo video, heard a brief update from Founder Jake Medcalf (via webcam), and listened to Board Chair Bill Nichol and Executive Director Sarah Carter speak about the recent leadership transition, and the vision for the next season of UrbanLife. 

Sarah outlined three areas of focus for ministry in the next year:

  • Increased volunteer partnerships: Linking volunteers from within and outside our communities to meaningful opportunities to serve young people and make a difference. Sign up for info about volunteering here. 
  • Developing young leaders: We will continue to be relentless about our development of young neighborhood leaders through internships, job opportunities, one-on-one mentoring and service opportunities. Look out for the Come Up Internship during the school year, the Ground Up Internship during the summer, and hopefully new college-age internship opportunities. 
  • Innovative solutions to neighborhood challenges: Just as UrbanLife Farms was developed in response to youth unemployment and vacant, unused lots in our neighborhoods, we will continue to find innovative solutions to the challenges our neighborhoods, and particularly our young neighbors, face. We have some great ideas in the works, so stay tuned! 

If you didn't make the banquet but would still like to give a donation, please visit our donation page. 

Thanks to our table hosts, guest chefs, performers and the guests that made it such a fantastic night!

2015 UrbanLife Celebration Banquet Photos