Cindy soria

Youth development


Cindy was born in the South Bay area of San Diego. She went to Mar Vista High school in Imperial Beach. She was part of High School UrbanLife, which required her to travel 2 hours on the bus and trolley to get to City Heights. She came in faith with Jesus during her time as a student in UrbanLife. After high school (class of 2010) she volunteered her time to become a middle school leader for UrbanLife Middle.

After volunteering for 4&1/2 years she was given the opportunity to apply for a position on staff with UrbanLife. She is now a Middle School Program Director. She spends her time on campus with middle school students and helps out in an AVID class. She has guidance from youth ministry experts and gains more knowledge by reading about it as well. Her relationship with God has grown in these few years and she has been able to share her faith not only with the students at UrbanLife but with her family.