The Nancy Brusch
Greater Love Award


It all started when...

Nancy Brusch opened her house and her heart to the very beginnings of UrbanLife Ministries. From there, Nancy developed deep friendships with UrbanLife students and was a powerful advocate on behalf of our growing organization. It was Nancy that first dreamed about an urban farm at our Orange Avenue location... wouldn't she be excited about how we've grown!

We are excited to honor Nancy's legacy with our annual "Greater Love" Award, nominating and awarding one person each year at our banquet that exhibits courageous servant leadership in loving urban youth. 

At our 2015 Annual Banquet, Rick Brusch shared these words:

"It’s fair to say that Nancy was the most gregarious and out going person that I have ever met. It seemed like she knew everybody and had developed a personal relationship with most. Thinking back on her life I continue to be amazed by the number of people she touched. As a grade school teacher and librarian she developed a passion for helping and providing opportunities for underprivileged kids.

So when Jake Medcalf asked us if we would host the first Urban Life meetings in our backyard, Nancy immediately said “yes.” Urban Life became a major outlet for her unconditional love of kids who lacked a healthy adult role model. We started out like many Urban Life volunteers just helping out with the mechanics, driving a car-full of kids home after the meetings. But as Nancy got to know the individual students, she began to mentor small groups of High School girls at the meetings. Then, for several years she lead regular Bible Studies for the same small group of girls. In the intimate and safe environment of these meetings, she shared the importance of Jesus in her life on a personal basis. And she encouraged them to think big about their potential and what they could achieve in this world. 

Lives were changed. That is an important part of Nancy’s legacy. These kids are very capable. All they need is a caring adult to love and encourage them and to open the doors of opportunity. Urban Life offers that environment.

I hope you will join me in honoring Nancy’s legacy of servant leadership, by contributing to Urban Life, and to the Greater Love Scholarship Fund."

The Greater Love Scholarship Fund will continue to support and encourage students as Nancy did, offering life-changing weeks of camp, leadership development, and the space to experience God's unconditional love.