kathy pham

Director of youth development


Kathy hails from Little Saigon in Orange County; she grew up there with an older brother, divorced parents and a HUGE, loving extended family. While attending CSULB, she was in leadership on campus and church, worked in the education/tutoring arena then was a Target Executive Intern. After graduation, she was a Target executive for a couple of years.  

Eventually, she became burnt out in ministry and unchallenged/bored at work... she was not living the life God had for her.  After some time of being bummed, sweet time traveling Asia, eating and driving across America, reading amazing books, helpful conversations with wise friends, really seeking God and experience His grace and freedom she responded to God's call to go on missions which landed her in City Heights as a Summer Staff with World Impact.  Which lead her to become the youth and young adults minister at formerly named Harbor Church- Mid City (now: Bridge Church) and ultimately lead to UrbanLife. What began with just giving a Summer away is now her living her calling: to love students and to help students know and love Jesus!  

Currently, Kathy is the youth development director which means she provides leadership and oversight for the youth development team. She is thinking, planning and implementing strategies and programs for overall youth development throughout UrbanLife. 

Sidebar: if you know a God-fearing, single man, you should introduce him to Kathy.