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$200 CAn send a student to camp

Our high schoolers are at camp RIGHT NOW! Tonight will be the night they hear about how much God loves them, and get to respond to that love. Next week, the middle schoolers head to camp!

Your $200 donation helps send one student to this life-changing week.

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$200 CAn give a student a job

24 farm students will join the Farming 101 Internship this summer, getting first-time job experience, their first paycheck, and valuable experience. 

Your $200 donation helps give one student a job this summer. 

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$200 CAn help a student learn

STEM opportunities are few and far between in our neighborhoods. Many students are English learners, and need help catching up to grade-level just to pass their classes. We offer a middle school robotix camp and a high-school summer literacy program to help students learn this summer. 

Your $200 donation helps give one student academic support this summer.

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