rachel venancio

city heights runners program coordinator



Rachel grew up in a loving family in Mt. Hermon, CA. Her parents are Dan and Linda Williams, and her siblings are Eric, Annie and Jordan. She had always wanted to serve God, and thought that meant being a missionary overseas - that is, until she met her now-husband, Tlaloc Venancio, and realized that she could serve God right where she was in California. When she moved to San Diego in 2008 to finish her degree at SDSU, she was quickly drawn to City Heights. Through World Impact, she made friends and moved into the neighborhood and was part of Harbor Church (now Bridge Church) for many years, which led to her serving with UrbanLife.

City Heights Runners was started after the Venancios experienced a great loss and decided to dedicate their time and resources to God. Chris accepted their offer to support his Hoover team and pointed out the lack of youth athletics in the neighborhood, and the middle school team was born. Rachel and Tlaloc Venancio have been coaching cross-country and track at Hoover High School with Chris Brewster for 4 years and they absolutely love it!!!

Rachel enjoys being outside, making art, and spending time with her family. Her husband and two children, Eva and Emiliano, bring joy to her life. Living in City Heights and doing life with the youth on the team challenges her to lean deeply into the riches of God’s love and grace.