Romin Irani

UrbanLife:City Heights (East) director of student MINISTRY


Romin was born and raised in San Diego as an only child. He went to UCSD and it was there that his life was changed by God. In college he learned what it really meant to serve God and the people around him. Through a friend, Romin was pulled into the world of UrbanLife since its inception. He started as a volunteer and fell in love being with students and after graduating college God made it very clear he should continue his UrbanLife journey as staff. 

Romin pioneered our Middle School ministry which he has now left in Cindy's hands. Currently as the City Heights East High School Director he is running weekly programs, helping with ASB at Crawford high and discipling a group of young men. He also runs our CollegeLife program for graduated students who still want to continue their faith journey.  Romin is married to the love of his life, Naomi and can't believe how awesome his first son Mateo is.