UrbanLife's Summer 2017 Wishlist

UrbanLife primarily depends on the support of individuals to impact youth in our neighborhoods. As we head into the summer, here are some broader opportunities to partner together to develop youth leaders in City Heights and Southeastern San Diego. If you'd like to talk more, or come down for a visit, please contact Sarah Carter at sarahcarter@urbanlifesd.org or (619) 432-5202. 


Sponsor KingdomLife: $5,000

Following camp, UrbanLife will gathering students once a week for 5 weeks and talk about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. This will catapult students that made faith decisions into a life-time of following Christ. They will share a meal, great conversations, and even a fun trip at the end to celebrate together. Your gift of $5,000 will cover all the costs to offer this life-changing experience to students. Give now!

Sponsor the SUmmer Literacy program: $7,000

Our City Heights runners come from all over the world, and we have a large number of English Learners on both the Hoover and Crawford running teams, and this program will help them to continue to improve their reading comprehension skills over the summer, so that they will be prepared for next fall. The program will meet twice a week, students will share a meal and then be placed in groups of 3-5 according to their reading level in English and work with tutors to increase their reading and comprehension. Your gift of $7,000 will enable 20-35 students to participate in this important reading program. Give now!

Sponsor Farming 101: $15,000

Our Farming 101 is an introductory internship on our two urban-farming sites that helps 24 students gain soft jobs skills like interviewing, time management, team building, and following directions. Students work roughly 10 hours a week, receive workforce readiness training, nutrition classes, and will be participating in our first Resident Leaders Academy, which is all about becoming leaders in their neighborhood. A gift of $15,000 will sponsor this entire program for all 24 students, and produce empowering and experienced young leaders!

Give now!

Gifts can be the sum total of these amounts, or a partial amount towards the program. We receive gifts online or the mail : UrbanLife 4391 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92105

Thank you for your partnership!