why Youth Development 

Everything we do centers around young people. Why? We believe young people are undervalued and often overlooked in our culture. Instead of looked down upon, young people can and should be activated as leaders, innovators, hard workers, and God-followers. UrbanLife seeks to be a safe place for young people to learn about themselves, develop lasting friendships, discover who God is, and use their skills, passions and gifts to serve others.

In Isaiah 61, God talks about oaks of righteousness, planted by the Lord to restore places long devastated. We believe these oaks are the young people in our neighborhoods, greatly loved and valued by God. 

UrbanLife offers age appropriate outreach and discipleship ministries that seek to be God’s instruments in creating environments and experiences where the students of inner-city San Diego and their neighborhoods can be transformed. We see our young friends in our ‘hoods as future teachers, lawyers, ministers, moms and dads, committed to loving neighbor and ‘hood through the practice of Christian community development. They are our future leaders in our missional communities, committed to their “family on mission,” an ongoing incarnation of God’s holistic love in their ‘hood.

Our Programs

UrbanLife CENTRAL, a safe gathering space for all UL HS students | 6:00 - 8:00 pm @ UrbanLife: City Heights
Every student should be a part of a positive life-changing community that is exciting, fun and adventurous. Every Monday night, students from City Heigthts and SouthEast are invited to join us at our City Heights campus for dinner, crazy games, worship, messages about life and God. Every night after the message we have small group nights where students will have a chance to read the bible for themselves and discuss what it means with friends and an adult leader. You can also look forward to special off campus trips and events like Padres games, Boomers, SDSU Aztec Bowling, or Beach Day. You just never really know where we’re going or what we’re doing, so come and find out! Rides home are provided for every student that attends.

Ride available from Hoover High School @ 5:45pm.

Contact Kathy Pham for more info at kathy@urbanlifesd.org.  

The Come Up Internship | Sundays 1 - 4 pm @ UrbanLife Office
The Come Up is a leadership development-driven internship for high school aged youth in City Heights and Southeast.  Students are challenged to contribute to UrbanLife’s vision: “To see transformed people transform neighborhoods through Christian community development initiatives and vibrant missional communities that love God, neighbor, and ‘hood."    Internship's training and development will target the areas of 1) Spiritual Formation 2) Mission Formation 3)Missional Communities Integration and 4) Job Skills Development 5) Leadership Development.

Interns will learn servant leadership throughout the internship using Jesus as a model, and get real life skills and experience.  

Each student will earn a stipend when they complete the internship. Contact Kathy Pham (kathy@urbanlifesd.org) for more information.